12:26 AM

Welcome to Mediaporia!

We’re very excited about this journal finally coming together.  Mediaporia is starting out small, with a limited number of articles, but we hope that some of you will send in your own work and help us expand into a full-blown journal.  Feel free to contact us at mediaporia@gmail.com for any questions, comments or submissions.  In this issue, Wayne Titus (The Cinemist) talks about the inanity of Centurion in Centurion’s Blind Ambition, and Dina Muhic (Déjà Mu) discusses the past four seasons of Dexter in The Dreaded Decay of Dexter while Minnie Li (Minnimalism) tackles the heteronormative consumerism of Plain Jane and its reality TV peers in Plain Jane: Conspicuous Consumption and Gender Normativity.  We hope you enjoy reading this first issue of Mediaporia and follow us in the future!